Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Clothes Dryer


A clothes dryer is an electrical appliance used to absorb moisture from washed laundry.

Advantages of a Clothes Dryer:

  1. The primary advantage of a clothes dryer is its ability to dry clothes at any time of the day, under any weather conditions.You can dry your clothes at night or while it is heavily raining, unlike drying the clothes on a clothes line, which can be done only during the daytime when the sun is shining, when it is not too windy or raining.
  2. Clothes dried in a dryer need less ironing.
  3. After drying, the towels become much softer and fluffier.
  4. The dryer is especially useful in removing lint.In case a fabric gets washed with a tissue in a pocket, the tissue disintegrates and is found all over the washed clothes.The clothes dryer can trap all of the destroyed tissue,freeing the clothes of lint and tissue.
  5. Clothes dryers are generally simple, sturdy, anddurab
  6. A clothes dryer comes in handy in places where there is no privilege of having a clothesline, such as in small flats in metro cities.
  7. A clothes dryer is also useful in areas which are dusty and polluted, and where it is not possible to dry your clothes out on a line else they might get dirty again.
  8. Bright-colored clothes when dried on a clothes line in hot sun tend to fade faster. 

Disadvantages of a Clothes Dryer:

  1. Clothes dryersare powered by electricity and consume a lot of power.Therefore using a dryer adds significantly to the utility cost, as opposed to the clothes line that dries your clothes free of cost.
  2. A clothes dryer can increase the humidity level inside your home.You will have to choose a dryer with a vent pipe or instead leave the windows open when the dryer is working.
  3. Synthetic fabrics after drying in a dryer are full of static electricity.The clothes become too fluffy.
  4. Knitwear and woolen clothes do not completely dry in the dryer.Clothes with elastic worn out early.Edges of fabric fray when dried in the dryer.
  5. Delicate clothes shrink on repeated exposure to heat from the dryer.
  6. Since they work on electricity, clothes dryers are not very eco-friendly.
  7. A clothes dryer can decrease the life span of your clothes.
  8. When broken down, repairing the machine can be a costly affair.
  9. Clothes dryers make some noise during operation.
  10. Lint filter needs frequent cleaning which adds to the machine’s maintenance. 

Final Verdict:

Clothes dryershave their own advantages and disadvantages.But overall, having dry, crisp clothes, especially during the monsoon, makes buying the dryer worthwhile.