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Admiral Company in the 1930s was world’s largest producer electronic appliances such as radios and phonographs. They were suppliers to US forces during Second World War and they consistently achieved revenue of an amazing US $2 million in those years.

The 1950s brought about a radical change in the electronic goods industry worldwide because of the invention of television sets. Admiral was quick to capitalize on this opportunity as they were the earliest commercial manufacturers of black and white television sets. Their success with the television motivated them to diversify into other electronic household appliances. They launched their range of Admiral Refrigerators. Since then their range of products moved through several hands with differing fortunes. In 1973, Admiral brand was bought by Rockwell International who sold it Magic Chef who in turn sold it to Maytag. Whirlpool bought over Maytag, with the Admiral range of appliances only featuring in Home Depot outlets.

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