About Us

Pypto (Plan Your Purchases) is a website that aims to provide consumers with information and insights to enable them to make better purchase decisions.

Quite often one finds that websites, ecommerce portals and even in-store sales persons do not have the required depth of information to be provided to the consumer. While they may focus on features and price, the consumer is left to discover answers to most of the questions on their own

Pypto provides information, questions and answers and links to several public videos so that website visitors can gain information and insights

The site contains the following information

  1. Purchase Buying Guides
  2. In depth answers to specific questions
  3. Links to videos for products and brands
  4. Purchase Planning Assistance for participating brands
  5. Demo requests for participating brands
  6. Consumers Voice – articles authored by consumers

Pypto is a consumer interest project by Tiger Pug (www.tigerpug.com) – a company that provides ecommerce related services

Tiger Pug is headquartered in Singapore